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JoAnne Beck, Beck Bookkeeping Solutions LLC  |  JoAnne Beck    |    |   541-414-4271

Strategic and calculated financial management is the bedrock to profitability in any business. When your internal accounting process and financial bookkeeping aren’t focused on managed cash-flow, future success and prosperity of your business is at risk. So how much is financial instability or inefficient accounting processes costing your business? We help business owners stop the cycle of panic, gain control of their accounting process, and focus on planning for profit.

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Cimex Detector Canine Services  |    Susan Stejskal   |  |  269-806-3913   | 

Our mission is to provide education for innkeepers and small business owners to help protect against the impact of widespread bed bug (Cimex lectularius) infestations and to provide discreet proactive surveillance for live Cimex bed bugs through the use of certified detector canine teams, throughout the state of Michigan.  |

Find all kinds of Hospitality jobs in the United States. Full Time and Part Time Jobs in Hospitality Industry like, Waitress, Barista,Bartender, Hostesses, Chef, Sous Chef, Busser, Manager, Night Auditor jobs, Hotel jobs, restaurant jobs etc.    |

Are you ready to put your Inn or Bed & Breakfast up for sale?   Are you searching for the perfect Inn or Bed & Breakfast to buy?
InnShopper is your next step. 
Aspiring innkeepers can find inns by location, financial profile, or property features. 
Inn sellers can create free basic listings which include photos, a map, property details, contact info, a website link,
and account access for updating and editing at any time.
Premium Listings are also available to give even greater exposure to your property.



Nature's Tribute  |  |  907-841-9991  |  Tess Doak  |

Nature’s Tribute, brings the very best that nature offers. Pure essential oils can be used in a variety of ways; bringing natural solutions to your Inn.
Pamper your guests in countless ways with nature’s finest.
Add to your guests’ memorable stay by offering aromatherapy through diffusion and creating an individualized experience.
Enjoy natural options in cleaning, cooking, and gardening. You will exceed your guests’ expectations, leaving them looking forward to their next visit.


PJLhuillier Group of Companies (PJLGC)  |  |  Jean Henri Lhuillier  |

Formally established in 1988, the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies (PJLGC) is a dynamic, multi-industry company that owns and operates businesses dealing with financial services such as pawning, remittance, microinsurance, and business to business micro loan solutions.We also ventured into other industries such as retail, hotel and restaurant management, IT, sports management, and real estate.


So.Inn.Love   |   |

So.Inn.Love is a line of products that assist Innkeepers of Bed and Breakfast properties market to their clients through uniquely branded products. "You create a unique experience. We make the memory last forever." (more information coming soon!)


ZimmerFrei   |    |    Atlanta, GA 30303    |    678-471-0238

ZimmerFrei (ZF) turns the mundane aspects of road travel into a memorable experience. Rather than stay in cookie cutter hotels that could be anywhere, travelers will discover new places, quaint inns and historic destinations without sacrificing comfort or convenience. A simple to use app will connect travelers with nearby, one of a kind lodgings and genuine hospitality. ZimmerFrei works only with independent hotel owners of distinctive 3, 4, 5-star and vintage properties to distribute unsold rooms to travelers making a last minute lodging decision. The hotel-friendly platform enables digital-check-in and automates distribution of unsold rooms on the day of Stay— without disrupting the hotels advanced booking sales cycle. The ZFX tool provides a simple way for hotels to control room availability and rates in real time and up-sell X-tra amenities, services and products. Owners can also choose to be listed or stay below the radar and be anonymous.

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