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Your 2021 Marketing Health Checkup

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Presented by Kelly Garbarino Senior Marketing Consultant, White Stone Marketing We know early diagnosis is extremely valuable when tackling health problems, and the same applies to marketing problems. Preventative and proactive measures mean a long and healthy life – for you and your business! Join White Stone Marketing Consultant Kelly Garbarino for a 9-step checklist to make sure your marketing strategy and business is on track to thrive in 2021! Attendees will get actionable takeaways in key areas of marketing, some key opportunities include: 1.  Analyzing the quality of your own website content, including styling tips with text, use of images and video, and adding compelling calls to actions. 2. How to assess the value links. There are a myriad of directories, bloggers, and other advertisers asking properties to buy a listing or a link from them. We'll share tips and free tools that will help you assess the value and opportunity to cost and maximize your marketing budget return on investment (ROI). 3. How to embrace contactless service as an amenity, both in how properties market it, but also which tools are working in our industry.
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