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Capture Hidden Revenue and Improve TripAdvisor Scores with the Right Call Center Partner

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Presented by John Smallwood CEO / Business Development, ExpressRez Missing a call can be very expensive - the cost might be measured in lost revenue – at least $200, in most cases. Or it might be measured in TripAdvisor comments - what would you pay for one that emphasizes your excellent service? Having a call center partner is critical to your success in reaching your revenue goals, and important in ensuring that there is quick, efficient communication between you and your guests. A professional call center will answer all your calls promptly and provide exceptional customer service, often resulting in improved scores in TripAdvisor. For all the other revenue channels to function correctly, the abandoned call percentage for calls to your inn must be less than 5%, and first call resolution must be high, as well. If this is achieved, and if the calls are answered with a planned and systematic call script, revenue will increase exponentially because it will be coming from all revenue channels. Voice does complete the revenue picture, and it makes perfect financial sense to create a voice plan that ensures that all calls are answered quickly and efficiently. * The goal is for Innkeepers to earn revenue from every call received, resulting in healthier earnings and profits. * It is more important to answer the calls than it is for you to be the person answering. * Missing a call can be very expensive, either measured in terms of lost revenue or in poor TripAdvisor comments. PLEASE NOTE - The Question-and-Answer segment from this conference session has not yet been processed. You will be notified via email when the full video becomes available with the new link.
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