Welcome to the 2021 ALP Virtual Conference & Marketplace!

We are so excited to offer over 40 hours of content packed into just 4 days!  Navigating you through ALP's Virtual Venue couldn't be any easier, so grab a beverage and a snack, sit back in a comfortable chair and get ready to learn!

The Virtual Lobby is the hub for everything.  Simply move your cursor around the screen and when you hover over clickable items, they expand.  Most noteably are the Classrooms, Marketplace, Information/Registration Desk, and the Networking Lounge.  However, there are more areas to explore, such as the ALP Annual Supporters and Conference Sponsors listed on the banner on the 2nd floor.  Just hover over each Allied Partner, click, and you'll be transported to either the website or virtual booth space.  The TV Monitor in the middle of the screen is also a great place to hear from our sponsors.  Check back often as we add more and more videos!

The e-Program will be your #1 source for the schedule, the presentation details, and the exhibitors in the Virtual Marketplace.  You will also get to learn about ALP, our Staff, and your Board of Directors.  The e-Program is very mobile friendly and once the conference is over, we will begin embedding all of the recordings from the sessions and the content from each exhibitor from the Virtual Marketplace.  You will have access to every recording and slide deck for the conference which you are registered.  If you wish to make the e-Program larger, you can use the +/- magnifiers or if you click the 3 dots on the top middle above the flipbook, you can change it to Full Screen mode.  If you hit your ESC key, it will shrink back to a smaller window.

The Conference Schedule pages in the e-Program will have each session linked to a Zoom Meeting Room.  Simply click on the session title and you'll be transported to a new tab on your browser and the corresponding Zoom Meeting.  You will only be able to visit one session at a time as a Zoom participant, but that's OK, because remember, you'll have access to the recordings and slides of the sessions you didn't attend!  If you wish to leave one session and enter another, simply close the Zoom window, refer back to the Conference Schedule and choose another session.

Some housekeeping notes about the sessions and Zoom.  You are being recorded!  Please be aware and respectful during the sessions by keeping your microphone on mute (unless specifically called upon to speak) and avoid distracting movements while on video.  Our room hosts may take it upon themselves to mute your microphone or close your video feed should there be a need.  The chat boxes are available in the virtual meetings, so please post any questions there.

The Virtual Marketplace could very well be the MOST IMPORTANT 2 HOURS OF EACH DAY during the conference for your business!  Every booth will be different, so be sure to visit as many as you can!  These businesses  know how important it is to take care of your guests from the moment they begin searching for a place to stay until you wish them safe travels after their visit.  Each of the exhibitors is interested in making sure that you can drive bookings, create magnificant experiences, and have your guests book again! 

The Virtual Marketplace page (coming soon) functions just like the others.  You can hover over each booth space and click on them to visit each business.  You can click on the arrows at the left and right of the Marketplace floor image to scroll through the trade show, or click on the black menu to view a Sponsor and Alphabetized List.  

The Networking Lounge provides a space to type away.  Once in the lounge, you can either enter your name or login using your Twitter or Facebook account credentials (This will automatically import your profile image).  Pick a topic to discuss or join a topic that is already being discussed.  The lounge will be open throughout the conference an can be opened in a separate window.  Let's face it, you're in hospitaly.  We know you have the muli-tasking skills to type and listen to a session at the same time.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone in February!!!

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