Your ALP Innkeeper Membership includes membership in

AHLA (The American Hotel and Lodging Association)

What's In It For You?...PLENTY!

AHLA is the largest Lodging Association in the country, with about 30,000 properties. ALP saw an opportunity to partner with a group having similar interests and goals, such as regulating short term rentals and better visibility / accurate information on the OTAs. AHLA welcomed a partnership with ALP in order to more fully represent the B&B/Inn segment of the lodging industry.  ALP joined AHLA's Legislative Action Summit (9-2018) and met numerous legislators in Washington DC and presented our industry concerns.

When you become a ALP Innkeeper Member, your contact information is forwarded to AHLA and you then receive a welcome letter, information on accessing the AHLA website / member benefits, and a list of publications from which you may choose to receive.   

ALP / AHLA members may be especially interested in:

  • "Search Smarter" section, which provides talking points for guests to 'avoid shady deals' and "look before you book" - similar to our Book Direct movement.
  • "Illegal Hotels" section which provides stats on unregulated rentals, (for example: 81% of Airbnb’s U.S. revenue – $4.6 billion – comes from whole-unit rentals where the owner is not present during the time of the rental), articles and talking points to inform and prepare you to advocate for the 'level playing field' in your community.

AHLA Member Benefits

In addition to a range of member discounts on products, services and events and a library of members-only information resources, the fundamental benefits of AHLA membership include: 

  • Advocacy on issues critical to the health and growth of the lodging industry;
  • A place at the table for important policy discussions with influencers and decision-makers; 
  • Opportunities to serve on AHLA's councils, committees and board of directors;
  • Expert answers and guidance on regulatory matters, crisis management and industry change;
  • Networking opportunities with thousands of colleagues, allies and industry leaders; 
  • Timely and curated news, briefs and advisories;
  • Access to industry events, professional development and lifelong learning.

AHLA also encourages members to join their state associations for increased local representation and additional membership savings on resources, services and events.

For more than 100 years, AHLA has been the foremost representative of and advocate for the U.S. lodging industry. We are the only national association that represents all segments of an industry that is among the 10 largest business sectors in America. Our industry is booming because we help our members be their best at what matters most: serving our guests, employees and our communities.

From the White House to City Hall, AHLA works tirelessly on behalf of our membership, appealing to lawmakers and regulators with a unified and powerful voice about issues critical to the future of the lodging industry.

  • Increasing visibility and engagement on Capitol Hill
  • Securing legislative changes that support the hotel industry
  • Supporting local advocacy efforts in cities and states across the country
  • Monitoring the latest legislative developments and analyzing how they may impact our interests
  • Championing elected officials who support the lodging industry through HotelPac
  • Mobilizing effective grassroots campaigns
  • Generating awareness and developing industry champions through Heart of the House hotel tours

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