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Credit Card/Bank Policies 

If you have a national bank that is providing some information about what are doing to help businesses and it is not listed here, please email

Fraud Indicators in a time of Economic Uncertainty (this is from an insurance company and meant more from the perspective of a lot of the scams going to be targeting small businesses)

The presence of an indicator (or several indicators) do not prove fraud. Indicators of possible fraud are not actual evidence, they only “indicate” the need for further investigation.


  • Mysterious disappearance claims for expensive scheduled or non-scheduled items
  • Homeowner claims that appear inflated, for example – multiples of same item reported
  • Fire or significant water losses to home and/or property


  • An increase in owned or leased vehicles reported stolen, burned or immersed
  • Claims of possible virus transmission during rideshare (Lyft) ride
  • Excessive vandalism all around, for example – key scratches
  • Theft with prompt recovery and excessive damages and/or mechanical issues reported


  • Unusual claims of business interruption or loss of income on a business policy
  • Claims of virus transmission during visit to retail location or business
  • Slips/trips/falls that are unwitnessed or that occurred at closed location

Workers Comp

  • Unwitnessed workplace injury that appears unlikely
  • Allegations of virus transmission in the workplace when there are no known carriers
  • Late reporting of workplace injury or reported during pending layoff situation
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