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ALP Lodging Standards Statement

ALP Lodging Standards Statement

Hotels, Inns, and Bed and Breakfasts have long been subject to regulations necessary for maintaining high standards that address guest safety, satisfaction, and the continued growth of the lodging industry. Applying these standards to the growing sector of Short Term Rentals will continue to foster the expansion of lodging options for the traveling public.

ALP recommends the following to ensure that high standards apply to all lodging:

  • Compliance with local, regional, and state laws.
  • Comply with all applicable building codes and health and safety standards.
  • Require licensing/registration with appropriate state and local agencies.
  • License number must be displayed on the property and any promotion.
  • Collection and remittance of all appropriate taxes due, including TOT.
  • Proof of ownership and liability insurance as per industry standards
  • A non-owner 3rd party must have written permission from the owner to
    rent the property.
  • Reasonable penalty and sanction provisions for noncompliance.

Developed by the ALP Advocacy Committee 5-6-22
Adopted by the ALP Board of Directors 5-10-22